Cheap Living Room Sets under $300 – Affordable Living Room Sets for your Home

Cheap Living Room Sets Under 300 Revealed

Furniture if considered generally is pretty expensive and one would definitely want to purchase the best quality items that will last a lifetime and not just a few months or years. Finding cheap living room sets under $300 is not difficult or a hard task but, one has to be very careful as one does not want to purchase a low-quality item at this low price. There is a wide range of sizes, styles, and shapes of cheap living furniture room sets available thus there are many options to select.

If you are on a low budget then getting the furniture can be an arduous task. Living room sets can come handy in this situation as they contain all the desired furniture to make your living room a comfortable and cozy place. The first thing that is to be considered while selecting the furniture for the living room is the purpose that living room serves in the house.

In some houses it is only used for watching TV while in some houses it is used as a multipurpose room for reading, having guests, playing or any other thing one can think of. This is why do consider the type of usage before buying affordable living room sets under 500 dollars.


Some areas rugs for living room decoration :

Cheap Living Room Sets Under 300 Dollars – Top Sofa & Loveseat Sets Under $300

To make things easier for you we have done all the research and have created a list of five affordable living room sets under $300. Following are some of the amazing options for cheap living room sets under $300 that you can opt for.

1-Mid Century Grey Linen Fabric Sofa and Love Seat (Love Seat, Light Grey)

cheap living room sets under $300

This sofa is made with the use of soft linen fabric with supreme quality wooden legs. Its grey color gives a tinge look to your living room. This sofa is designed to calm you, offer you a relaxed seating after a long and tiring day at the job. The cost of this sofa will not burn a hole in your pocket so you can buy it without fearing of its high cost. You will certainly fall in love with its incredible appearance, higher comfortability level, durable preparatory material and reasonable price. It appears very elegant and can be used to do business discussions in an office too. It is a flawless match of fine quality material and attention-grabbing style.


Following are the main features of this attractive loveseat sofa that compels you to buy it even when you do not actually want:

  1. Fabrication: This sofa is fabricated with a smooth upholstery material.
  2. The process of assembly: It does require a little bit time for assembling as the screws joined with it legs need to be adjusted according to seating and suitability.
  3. Height: Height of the seat of this sofa is about 18”.
  4. Price of loveseat sofa: this attractive looking and supreme quality sofa is available at a very affordable price for you.
  5. Length, Breadth and Width: It measure 73″width x 30″diameter x 32″height, Width of its Seat is- 63″ inches , breadth of the Seat is: 22″ inches, Loveseat comes with – 62″w x 30″d x 32h inches, with Seat width of- 50″ inches and Seat depth of- 2″ inches.

2- Pearington Glen Port Microfiber Living Room, 2 Seat Loveseat/Sofa Dark Grey

cheap living room sets under 300The Pearlington glen port sofa is capable of altering the dull look of your living room into a ravishing and amazing one. It is a complete package to add beauty to your lounge. This sofa is made with wooden frame. The conical legs of this sofa are finely designed.  This modern looking sofa is a flawless combination of uniqueness and durability. This sofa gives an urbane and classy look to your lounge. It is a perfect match for fine quality material and attention-grabbing style. The fabric used to prepare this sofa is fine quality one and a luxurious one.


Main features of this lavish sofa are the following:

  1. High-quality fabric: The fabric used to make this sofa is a soft and good quality one that gives comfortable padding to it. The entire unit of this sofa is in grey piping that gives it an exquisite look.
  2. Durable wooden frame: The seating area of this sofa is prepared with reliable wood whereas its conical shaped legs are designed with strong plastic.
  3. High-density foam: The cushioning of this sofa is done with high-density foam that allows complete comfort and ease to those who sit on it.
  4. Fixed cushions: The cushions at its back and seat are fixed which gives this straight-armed modern looking sofa an additional appealing look.
  5. The process of assembly: It takes roughly ten minutes to assemble this exquisite looking sofa.

The sophisticated design of Pearington Glen Port sofa:                      

This sofa is designed to comfort you, give you a relaxed seating after a long and tiring day at the job. You can easily and freely sit on it for resting or to enjoy your favorite TV show with your family. Moreover, this sophisticated sofa is a blend of uniqueness with an attractive appearance that let you buy it even for no specific reason. This sofa is itself a reason to buy it as it is a luxury, a comfort and a complement to your lounge with ease of accessibility. The price of this sofa will not burn a hole in your pocket so you can purchase it without fearing of its high cost.

Blend of luxury with relaxed seating:

It completes the look of a perfect living room by its contemporary design and comfortability. This sofa can be a good partner for the occasions like get together as it allows you to make cool memories with your loved one by sitting on a luxurious yet comfy seat. This sofa is made of entirely durable and reliable material to give you best support when seating in a luxurious yet affordable manner. You will definitely fall in love with its amazing appearance, higher comfortability, long-lasting material and affordable price. It appears highly sophisticated and can be used to do business discussions in an office too.

3- FURINNO W857DBR Mid Century Vintage Compact Loveseat, Dark Brown   

cheap living room sets under 300


FURINNO Mid Century Vintage Compact Loveseat is a beautiful addition to your any room in your apartment. It is made with love, good quality, and reliable material to deliver comfort to our customers in a stylish way.

Adequate seating for 2:

This sofa can be kept even in a small place to provide adequate seating for two persons. This sofa is simple yet unique by design to grab the attention of those having a good taste of furniture and for those who want to buy comfort and convenience both at the same time with beauty that comes with a reasonable price.


Following are the main characteristics of this attractive loveseat sofa that compels you to buy it even when you do not actually want:

  1. Mid-century style: This loveseat has an elegant style dated back to mid-century style sofa. It is framed with wood which has a dark brown color.
  2. Seating accommodation: It can accommodate a seating for two people easily. It covers a considerably small place and can be a good seating for two persons anywhere in your house. Be it your living room or lawn, this loveseat sofa is an appealing wooden seating that adds beauty with higher comfortability to your room.
  3. Supreme quality fabric: It is equipped with thick seat and cushioning at the back. This type of cushioning and seating allows extra comfort whenever a person sit on it and it provides relaxation to an extended level. The fabric used for covering this sofa is of supreme quality
  4. Follow instructions:It can be assembled by following a simple procedure which can be obeyed by the instructions mentioned on the product. As a whole, its procedure of assembly is not that tough and can be done effortlessly.
  5. Width and height:It‘s width is 45.3(W) x27. Height of this sofa is 8(H) x27.5 (D) inches.

4- FURINNO W857DBR Mid Century Vintage Compact Loveseat, Dark Brown 

3 piece living room set under 300

Modern Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa is designed in a contemporary style. It is designed to give you comfort with accompanying a lavish appearance. It provides ultimate relaxation and comfort to the one sitting or lying on it. This amazing looking sofa comes with a pull-down back which keeps holders for cups and trays for two. It is made with fine fabric which gives a soft cushioning to it as it is made with upholstered fabric.  In addition, this sofa can be upgraded with original leather as an option. The white color of this sofa adds more beauty to its unique and modernized looks.


Following are the main characteristics of this Modern Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa that compels you to buy it even when you do not actually in need to buy:

  1. Durability:the leather of this ravishing sofa is bonded that provides durability and reliability to buy this product unhesitantly.
  2. Adjustability and configurability:It has an adaptable nature which enables it to fit even in small places within your home. In addition, it can be configured as per the needs of the customers.
  3. Length, Breadth and Width: It has measures of  78″ x 54″ x 34.”
  4. Assembling procedure:It takes a little bit of your time to assemble it. There is a screw attached to its legs which can be adjusted in accordance with seating adjustability.

Keen and clever design:

Due to its two sections, this sofa can cover a small place and can be adjusted easily even if you do not have a very big room to place it. It comes at an affordable price to ease the process of purchasing. In this way, we offer our customers not only with luxury seating but also with a price that they can easily spend.

The sectional sofa is generally a unique and innovative addition to the furniture family. It gives a really impressive and fresh look to your lounge. It adds beauty to your home décor and can be a perfect match to the interior of your home if that is compatible or in contrast to the color white. In addition, its color white appears very holy and clean, so it imparts an appearance of cleanliness also. It gives customers pleasure when they sit on it because of its nice looks and comfortable seating capacity. Its enchanting looks enable the customers to fall in love with it and come to buy it to fill their room with a comfortable yet appealing seating.


Practically there are a few things one should consider before choosing the style and color of the set you are going to purchase. If you have pets or kids, then the set should be scratch and stain resistant.  The color of the living room set in case of stain should not make it prominent. Also, consider the level of use of this furniture in the living room.  The size and the softness level of the set will base on the purpose for which it will be used for. If the living room also serves as the guest room, then sofa set should be comfortable for sleeping too. If the guests are to be seated in the living room, then sofa should always be neat and clean. This means that its upholstery should be easy to clean.

Low cost but quality items are a very difficult thing to find. Similar was the case with living room sets. We wanted to search awesome designs and best quality sets available in this price range. We tried our best to present the top cheap living room sets under $300, and we hope that you like our selection.